West Coast Coffee Beans

All-Encompassing way of Life

At West Coast Coffee, we are never complacent. Our entire team works tirelessly to bring you and your customers the best coffee products and experiences. The benefit of our hard work translates into every coffee we offer. The result of our combined experience and expertise is that we do not employ “Seed to Cup” as convenient catchphrase; for us, coffee—from the fertile ground of our farms to the velvety foam of the perfect latte—is an all-encompassing way of life. This comprehensive, inclusive understanding of the ways in which coffee connects people to the environment and to each other is what allows us to offer you consistent quality with every bean and every cup.

Leave the Beans to Us


Consumer preferences have shifted towards specialty roasts, and we are here to provide you with some of the freshest, highest grade coffee available. Discerning customers expect more than the bitter black coffee that used to be the norm. West Coast Coffee’s wide variety of gourmet roasts and specialty products appeal to the broadest spectrum of convenience and grocery store customers. We’re part of a cooperative buying group, established at origin, with joint-operations in Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Sumatra, and beyond. Our group controls every step of the supply chain-- directly from seed to cup. You can focus on your business and leave the beans to us.

Country of Origin