Sustainable Roasting

At West Coast Coffee, our coffee is among the finest available.

Smooth and full-bodied, our coffees are painstakingly blended and roasted to meet a variety of taste preferences. We start with hand-picked, specialty grade arabica beans from the world’s finest growing regions, and subject the coffee to as many as 15 quality separations. West Coast Coffee’s convection roasting method guarantees consistent quality in every cup-- your key to building destination sales. Why ruin great beans with inconsistent, conventional roasting techniques?

The West Coast Coffee Difference

Our roasting process stands out among the competition. We create a rich, silky, affordable cup of coffee, without ever sacrificing quality. With West Coast Coffee, you can be confident that every roast is a great roast, and that every customer will receive consistently fresh, aromatic coffee. Our convection roasting ensures higher yield, lower cost, and uniform quality. The proof is in every cup.

State-of-the-Art Roasting

Our state-of-the-art roasting facility is located just west of Portland, Oregon. The roasting facility has been meticulously built out to encompass the intricate details of producing phenomenal coffee. Every detail has been masterfully designed to maximize the West Coast Coffee experience. Our roasting technology reduces our natural gas usage by upwards of 80% compared to conventional drum style roasters. Thus we dramatically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.