Colombian Decaf Coffee Single Cup – 96 ct.


Like our Colombian Supremo, this coffee brings together a floral, citrus-like aroma and subtle flavor notes of tropical fruit and milk chocolate all in a rich, decaf single-pod coffee – When you want just enough for one cup.


Roast Level: Medium

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Only select high-grown Colombian beans make up our decaffeinated version of this choice coffee.  Savor slowly to take in the floral notes and perfect balance of this medium-bodied coffee.

This case of 96-count single-pods are just right for people who want the bold taste of Colombian Coffee in a decaf version – and want their coffee one cup at a time.

We use a special process to grind our coffee to ensure you get the same rich, bold flavor you would from our Whole Bean coffee – just in a single cup.

Our single-pods work in most k-cup brewers.

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